Instagramer fitness comparte foto de sus ‘longitas’

En California, Estados Unidos, Anna Victoria es una reconocida Instagramer y es famosa por sus publicaciones fitness.

This is your Tuesday reminder that you can handle whatever the week throws at you ?? #fbggirls

Una foto publicada por Anna Victoria (@annavictoria) el

Tiene un millón de seguidores y está rompiendo con las “reglas” porque ahora publicó una foto donde no se ve tan nada delgada, es más se le ven “longitas”.

Anna Victoria dice que lo hizo para mostrar que todos tenemos malos ángulos, pero hay que enfocar en los buenos.  

Throwback ? August 2012 to March 2016. I know that seems like a long time but I was never focused on the time, and I think this is one reason why I’m still here today. I took each day as it came and just tried to do my best, and the next day I tried to do better. There have been many ups and downs, even times where I fell off track for weeks at a time but I always got back on track and didn’t take no for an answer (even from myself ?) My transformation took about 9 months but since it was a lifestyle change, 3.5 years later I’m still here. Don’t think about how far you have to go, the time will pass anyways. You might as well do something good with that time, right? ? #fbggirls

Una foto publicada por Anna Victoria (@annavictoria) el