Padre le construye a hija la habitación de sus sueños (Fotos)

Aquí va el premio al mejor papá del año.

Ella quería un árbol de hadas en su habitación para poder sentarse adentro y leer libros. Su padre, un artista en la industria de los videojuegos con conocimiento de carpintería, le cumplió su sueño.

Le llevó 18 meses y 4 mil 250 dólares convertir el cuarto de su hija en un cuento de hadas.

She wanted a fairy tree in her room that she could sit inside and read books, climb the branches, and that also had a top sitting area. So what’s a dad who is an artist in the video game industry with minimal carpentry skills to do?

He found if he drew the silhouettes of the model on the wall, he could attach the steel rebar straight to those lines.

After applying the expanded metal lathe to the branches, he took a break to let the little customer get a peek.

Then he started painting the walls and rough blending before glazing.

Take some welding classes in order to build an enormous tree in his daughter’s bedroom, that’s what. More than 350 hours, 18 months, and about $4,250 later, he had turned her storybook dreams into reality. How did this actually happen?